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Illustration of the evolution of Wi-Fi over the years:


In 2019, we’re seeing the release of 6th Generation of Wifi, called 802.11ax (wifi6).

Choose 802.11ax (wifi6)


Choose 802.11ac (wifi5)


Why was this website created?

  • 60% of the users around the world have NEVER updated their router’s firmware. [1]
  • We want to raise awareness to this critical issue in order to keep everyone cyber safe.
  • To check if you’re safe, look up your particular wifi system on our website.

Who’s This Website For?

  • Users who want a quick recommendation on what wifi system to purchase
  • Enthusiasts who want to compare wifi systems
  • Professionals who want to keep up with the software changelogs
  • Security Researchers who need to know when security fixes are released

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