Since this product is advertised on D-Link, this model is currently being manufactured.


Wireless Performance Explained

Advertised Speed of 5Ghz band

Theoretical 802.11ac speed on 5Ghz band (using 80Mhz channel, 256-QAM, 400 ns GI):

  • 2 spatial streams x 433.3 mbps/stream = 866.6 mbps


This is classified as a “Low-Performer” 802.11ac wifi system. If higher performance is needed, consider upgrading to a “Top-Performer”. Read: What’s the fastest 802.11ac (wifi5) wifi system possible?


  • WPA2-Personal (128-bit encryption)
  • WPA2-Enterprise (128-bit encryption)

Firmware Changelog

Does this support automatic firmware updates? To find out. If you have this model, and are running the latest firmware, contact us.

Download the latest firmware from dlink.com


This model hasn’t received updates in over 1 year. Consider upgrading to a different model!

1.05RC069 BETA (2018-01-18)

  • This release is to patch the WPA2 Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) Security Vulnerabilities affecting this product.

1.05RC047 (2016-11-09)

New Features:

  • Support CWM v1.03
  • Support Captive portal with Multiple SSID and VLAN
  • Captive portal support https URL redirect
  • Display station’s OS in client information for Captive portal client
  • One SSID with multiple schedule settings
  • MAC ACL from per SSID 64 to per radio share 512
  • Support External captive portal in CWM mode
  • Country selection for specific country code
  • Add enable/disable STP option.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fix if enable WLAN partition, blocking access from LAN to WLAN, clients does not get IP address and not have network access.
  • Fix DBG16060127->Disable AP Array if cwm is enabled.
  • Fix DBG16070013->IPv6 without need authentication could connect to internet
  • Fix DBG16070073->In WDS ping failed when configured 5G WDS with WPA/AES encryption
  • [Captive Portal]: Modify Authentication Page prompt message

1.01RC022 (2016-11-09)

New Features:

  • Support CWM v1.02
  • Support SNMPv3
  • Captive portal support in multiple SSID
  • Support captive portal page customization
  • Upload CWM configuration file from AP web UI

Problems Fixed: - Fix high ping loss rate after bridging two DAP-3662 from LAN1 to LAN2

1.00RC015 (2015-02-23)

First release