Since this product is advertised on D-Link, this model is currently being manufactured.


Wireless Performance Explained

Advertised Speed of 5Ghz band

Theoretical 802.11ac speed on 5Ghz band (using 80Mhz channel, 256-QAM, 400 ns GI):

  • 3 spatial streams x 433.3 mbps/stream = 1299.9 mbps


This is classified as a “Mid-Performer” 802.11ac wifi system. If higher performance is needed, consider upgrading to a “Top-Performer”. Read: What’s the fastest 802.11ac (wifi5) wifi system possible?


  • WPA2-Personal (128-bit encryption)
  • WPA2-Enterprise (128-bit encryption)

Firmware Changelog

Does this support automatic firmware updates? To find out. If you have this model, and are running the latest firmware, contact us.

Download the latest firmware from dlink.com

1.02B02 (2018-09-17)

  • Improved IOT for game consoles
  • Bug Fix: with internet settings when set DHCP/Static connect type, Set MTU with manual, it can’t apply.
  • Bug Fix: losing connection with the specific modem daily
  • Improved user experience with D-Link Wi-Fi APP

1.00B07 (2018-05-30)

Problems Resolved:

  • Updated WPA2 Security (KRACK) patch
  • Upgrade DNSmasq to v2.78


  • Supports D-Link Wi-Fi App

1.00B07 (2017-11-20)

First release.