This model has been Discontinued by Linksys. Consider upgrading to a different model!


Wireless Performance Explained

Advertised Speed of 5Ghz band

Theoretical 802.11ac speed on 5Ghz band (using 80Mhz channel, 256-QAM, 400 ns GI):

  • 4 spatial streams x 433.3 mbps/stream = 1733.2 mbps


This is classified as a “Top-Performer” and therefore the fastest 802.11ac wifi system.


  • WPA2-Personal (128-bit encryption)
  • WPA2-Enterprise (128-bit encryption)

Firmware Changelog

Does this support automatic firmware updates? Nothing in the manual about this. If you have this model, and are running the latest firmware, contact us.

Download the latest firmware from linksys.com

1.0.03 (build 3) (2018-11-01)

  • Addressed multiple OS command injection security vulnerabilities (TALOS-2018-0625)

1.0.02 (build 9) (2015-11-02)

  • Improved overall system stability
  • Added feature of user-configurable VLAN priority bits
  • IMPORTANT: Please do not modify the filename of firmware 1.0.02. Other- wise, firmware upgrade will fail.

1.0.01 (build 37) (2015-10-27)

  • This firmware release (1.0.01 build 37) prepares the firmware upgrade path to firmware 1.0.02 via Linksys Connect. Users of firmware 1.0.01 build 14 may directly upgrade to 1.0.02 via web GUI, however.

1.0.01 (build 14) (Date?)

  • Improved stability of 2.4GHz network
  • Added support of user-configurable VLAN priority bits
  • Addressed interoperability/stability issue with Intel 5300 in 5GHz band
  • Addressed the issue of disabling “Access via Wireless” in browser-based GUI does not work on the 5GHz network

1.0.00 (build 31) (Date?)

  • Initial release