This model has been Discontinued by Linksys. Consider upgrading to a different model!


Wireless Performance Explained

Advertised Speed of 5Ghz band

Theoretical 802.11ac speed on 5Ghz band (using 80Mhz channel, 256-QAM, 400 ns GI):

  • 3 spatial streams x 433.3 mbps/stream = 1299.9 mbps


This is classified as a “Mid-Performer” 802.11ac wifi system. If higher performance is needed, consider upgrading to a “Top-Performer”. Read: What’s the fastest 802.11ac (wifi5) wifi system possible?


  • WPA2-Personal (128-bit encryption)
  • WPA2-Enterprise (128-bit encryption)

Firmware Changelog

Does this support automatic firmware updates? Nothing in the manual about this. If you have this model, and are running the latest firmware, contact us.

Download the latest firmware from

1.0.8.build001 (2018-02-27)

Issue Fixed:

  • Addressed WPA2 KRACK security issues
  • Integrated general bug fixes

1.0.7.build007 (2016-08-26)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed device does not forward DHCPv6 solicit to LAN side, and ICMPv6 NA.
  • Fixed remote interfaces are inconsistent with local interfaces in packet capture
  • Fixed SNMP agent cannot access AP by MIB browser, after adding SNMPv3 TARGETS.
  • Fixed web customization even when is not setup yet, clients are allow network access
  • Fixed management Access Page refuse to validate IPv6 IP addresses

Feature Enhancement

  • Add signed image support
  • Added PoE gEtIovarSupported in LLDP broadcast
  • Comply with updated FCC Part 15 Subpart E 15.407

1.0.6.build02 (2015-09-04)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed AP instability issue where in some setups, the unit will hang until a reboot is performed
  • Fixed Captive Portal Session Time out issue in which the client was getting disconnected after around 10 min no matter of the value set for session time out in Captive Portal. (2015-03-24)

Issues Fixed

  • Complies with 2015 CE standard requirements
  • In WGB mode, AP will fail to send radius packets out to the radius server
  • QoS page would take at least 20 seconds to load
  • In WDS mode, 2 APs set in different 2.4 GHz channel could not connect
  • Removed the unnecessary Band Steering option for the 5GHz/Radio 2 from the Virtual Access Points page setup
  • Fixed cluster page broken link
  • Device name is lost after restoring the AP configuration settings from its backup (2014-08-15)

Issues Fixed

  • AP with non-zero ending xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:x1-F (the last 4 bits) base mac address will stop broadcasting SSIDs. The fix will replace the last 4 bits of the base mac address with 0 (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:x0).
  • Label “Diagnostics” typo correction. (2014-08-01)

Issues Fixed

  • 5G bandwidth at 80Mhz is not sustainable, when 2.4G radio is turned off.
  • In a clustered network, static gateway IP address will be lost after reboot.
  • Changed Rouge AP Detection factory default setting from enable to disable.
  • Changed EDCA Template factory default setting from Custom to Default. (2014-06-04)


  • Support -AP SKU initial launch

Issues Fixed

  • AP reboots under heavy Spotify traffic on captive portal interface
  • AP gasping after 3.5 days of uptime and becomes unreachable on the 4th day when the AP is configured to accept tagged packets only. (2014-04-25)

  • Initial Release