Velop Changelog 1

This shows the changelog for the Tp-Links’s Velop (Mesh Wifi).

Understanding the Changelog 1

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These models have the same firmware:

Velop Firmware Changelog 1 (2018-12-03)

  • Fixed yellow light seen by some customers
  • Fixed WeChat call dropped
  • Integrated general bug fixes (2018-09-18)

  • Added Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese language support in browser-based GUI
  • Support for Taiwan, Japan and Korea country
  • Fixed vulnerabilities found by FortiGuard Labs: FG-VD-18-102, FG-VD-18-103, and FG-VD-18-104
  • Integrated general bug fixes (2018-08-09)

  • Fixed Wi-Fi performance issue seen by some customers
  • Improved boot up time
  • Fixed intermittent issue where node may not blink purple when node is found during setup
  • Fixed intermittent issue where light is yellow or ‘a little too far’ message is displayed when adding nodes during setup
  • Integrated general bug fixes (2018-07-02)

  • Support for regional power settings in Asia and Middle East regions
  • Fixed one possible cause for error message ‘Oops, Weve hit a snag’ when adding additional node during setup
  • Integrated general bug fixes (2018-05-07)

  • Supported -CN and -AH SKU
  • Fixed LED keeps lighting blue after PPPoE server is down
  • Fixed slave node has trouble switching to ethernet backhaul in some cases
  • Fixed node shown offline in Velop App while node is online
  • Integrated general bug fixes (2018-03-15)

  • Initial release