Since this product is advertised on Tp-link, this model is currently being manufactured.


Wireless Performance Explained

Advertised Speed of 5Ghz band

Theoretical 802.11ac speed on 5Ghz band (using 80Mhz channel, 256-QAM, 400 ns GI):

  • 3 spatial streams x 433.3 mbps/stream = 1299.9 mbps


This is classified as a “Mid-Performer” 802.11ac wifi system. If higher performance is needed, consider upgrading to a “Top-Performer”. Read: What’s the fastest 802.11ac (wifi5) wifi system possible?


  • WPA2-Personal (128-bit encryption)
  • WPA2-Enterprise (128-bit encryption)

Controller Changelog

Firmware Changelog

Does this support automatic firmware updates? To find out. If you have this model, and are running the latest firmware, contact us.

Download the latest firmware from tp-link.com

V2_1.4.0 Build 20180925 (2018-10-16)

Recommended Controller Software Version: Omada Controller v 2.6.x or above

New Features/Improvements:

  • Support Omada APP management method.
  • Support HTTPS redirection of portal authentication page.
  • Support URL Free Authentication Policy
  • Support rate limit function for a single client. (If you have set SSID, Client, Voucher rate limit together, the minimum limit value will take effect.)
  • Omada Controller increased the synchronization update process when the IP address of EAP is changed.
  • EAP will report Client RSSI information to Omada Controller.
  • The hardware version will be displayed as 1.0/2.0 in the management page.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed the bug that EAP will reboot automatically when Airtime Fairness function is enabled.
  • Fixed the bug that wireless clients may be displayed with abnormal IP address in Omada Controller.
  • Fixed the bug that HTTPS redirection of Portal authentication page will be inoperative when the IP address of Omada EAP and wireless clients belong to different subnet.
  • Optimized the problem that EAP will be disconnected from Omada Controller.

V2_170930 (2017-09-30)

Recommended Controller Software Version: Omada Controller v 2.5.x

New Features/Improvements:

  • Support new SMS, Facebook and other authentication methods of Omada Controller 2.5.x.
  • Voucher supports speed limit of clients.

Bug Fixed:

  • Web management pages have syntax errors or inconsistent formats
  • EAP330 cannot be managed across different subnets when management VLAN is enabled.

V2_170711 (2017-07-11)

Recommended Controller Software Version: Omada Controller v 2.4.x

New Features/Improvements:

  • Enhance the capability of anti-interference.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fix the bug that the Security Mode will turn to None if using a space character in the WPA/WPA2-PSK password.