Unifi Generations Explained

How to identify whether you have Gen-2 or Gen-3 Access Point?

What features does Gen-3 have, that Gen-2 doesnt have?

  • Support for Protected Management Frames
    • Advantage: Less chance for the hackers to hack your wifi network with this enabled
    • IEEE 802.11w [wikipedia.org 802.11w]
    • A requirement of the WPA3 specification requires that Management Frames are protected, hence, all WPA3 Access Points will support 802.11w
  • Support for Roaming Technologies
  • Support for 160Mhz channel width
    • Advantage: Under the right conditions, you can get double the data rate from your Access Point to the client with this enabled.
    • Typically, an 802.11ac Access Points with 1 spatial stream on 5Ghz band with 80Mhz channel, 256-QAM, and 400 ns GI can achieve 433.3 mbps data rate.
    • When you enable this feature, and broadcast the data stream using 160Mhz channel, this speed doubles to 866.7 mbps = Amazing!
  • Support for MU-MIMO (multi-user MIMO)
    • Advantage: The Access Point to broadcast wireless data signal to multiple devices without waiting
    • wikipedia.org MU-MIMO
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